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Jake was straightforward and honest with me since the beginning of my case. He listened to my needs, concerns, and allowed me to be an active participant during the legal process. The results were more than satisfactory; I felt my case was a priority and the outcome proves it. I would recommend Jake to anyone who is seeking justice, fairness in the law, as well as the overall desire to be adequately represented.
T.H., St. Paul, MN
When Jake began working on my case I had limited parenting time and no legal rights to either of my children. My ex had just filed an Order for Protection against me, which Jake got dismissed. I am pleased to say that I now have joint legal and joint physical custody, as well a 50/50 parenting time with my children. I could not have done it without Jake’s tireless effort and aggressive representation.
T.O., Minneapolis, MN
I was in an unfortunate situation where I had two driving after suspension violations in a six month span. Jake was able get the first dismissed with no fines and got the second reduced to a petty misdemeanor. I would recommend Brodin Legal to anyone!
S.M., Eagan, MN
I was charged with a 4th Degree DWI. Jake was able to get my charge reduced to a careless driving. Throughout the whole process, Jake was aggressive and made sure I got the best result possible. I can not thank him enough for his tireless effort during one the most stressful and difficult times of my life.
L.R., Bloomington, MN
Jake helped me with a rather complicated estate matter. He was both competent and kind and did an excellent job for me. It was such a relief to know that I could rely on him and feel confident that everything was being handled properly and promptly.
P.S., Richfield, MN